Lost time.

We found them!
Notes of Master Oathhammer


It happened! It finally happened! Cheggero's team unearthed petrified people from the stone fields! I talked to them, actually spoke with them! I'm so excited my hands are shaking and i can barely write. 




Its been a few hours, though its the ale more than the time that stills my hands. Cheggero's team unearthed an intact pair of statues in the 3rd layer down that they dubbed 'the dancers', a human man and a woman of an unknown race stopped in the middle of twirling. The layer puts them right at the end of the 5th rosmirian dynasty, though with these new first hand accounts i can date them much more preciesly.


Cheggero brewed up a test to see if they were petrified people, only somehow the brew itself unpetrified them. A researcher named Mez applied the ointment, and was understandably shocked when the dancers came to life before his eyes.


It seems they were not able to talk very long before some of the local mites tried to kill them. Hardly the introduction they deserved but luckily the dancers are more than capable of defending themselves, fending off the brutal fae handily.


I do not know all that mez and them discussed then, but the researcher took it upon himself to try and bring them up to speed on the time that they missed, as did cheggero.


I do notknow exactly who I was hoping to find when I started this mad project all those years ago, but i'm confident i never would have expected the dancers. 


The human is by far the louder of the two, an actual muskateer by the name of Owen Deadhorn. An expert marksman, a ladies man of great renown and a seasoned adventurer, one should know that Owen also admits to being a Teller of Tales. While the mans stories coukd give me an unprecedented account of the period, i suspect his recipe for black powder will be his most prominent contribution to my studies, and our world.


The woman is more mysterious, though not through any fault of her own. Rosomakha (spelled as she directed) is a member of the Quekay, a race of tribal humanoids with a great deal in common with Wolverines. A rare race even in her time, Rosomakha has expressed interest in tracking down any of her people, should they remain. Deeply faithful to her ancient god of travel, i worry she may simply wander away some day.


Mez bears his own mention here. While an accomplished researcher his own right his initaitive in teaching the dancers about our world and protecting them from dangers has set him apart from the rest of the adventurers and scholars in my employ. Mez is a half orc anf part of the political delegation from White Wall. Both scholar and warrior Mez may well be credited as the premier researcher regarding the pair.



A lost past, an uncertain future
Campaign basics.

While studying a lost part of history, a scholar from white wall unearths 2 petrified people lost to time. Returned to flesh nearly 4,000 years later, the two adventurers have almost as many questions as the scholar has for them.


What will become of them? Will they shed light on an age lost to time? And what of their ancient adversary, seemingly still eluding them to this very day?



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